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English Language Institute - NSTS Malta/Gzira

Acerca de esta escuela

Malta is the perfect location to learn English whilst enjoying the sea, the sun and its amazing culture! The first school in Malta and with over 50 years experience, NSTS is a leader in the teaching of English in Malta and offer a variety of high quality English courses for learners of all levels, ranging from General English to Business English, and from summer programmes to Cambridge and IELTS Exam Preparation as well as TEFL and CELTA courses.

Our quality courses not only come from our highly experienced teachers but also from our smaller classroom size. Our classes have an average of 6 students, resulting in personalised education to help students learn English at a faster speed. This results in more student-teacher time and a personal learning experience.

NSTS continues to be acknowledged professionally for the quality of its courses as it is now accredited by EAQUALS besides accreditation by FELTOM and licenced by the EFL Monitoring Board. It continues to be a leading teacher training centre accredited by the University of Cambridge.

This is a brilliant experience for students of all ages, offering the best value for your money whilst meeting people from all over the world.


GZR 1581 Gzira
Taliana Lane 12

Año en que fue fundada la escuela: 1963

Numero máximo de alumnos en la escuela: 120

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Ubicación de la escuela

The school is located in the central town of Gzira, right next to Sliema. The school is only a short bus ride to some of Malta's beautiful beaches, the St Julian's promenade and the nightlife!

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