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Total Spanish School Colombia/Medellin

Acerca de esta escuela

All of our instructors possess a strong background in language studies, ensuring their qualification to teach. However, we believe that expertise in the subject matter is only one aspect of what makes our classes truly exceptional. Our dedicated teachers go beyond their knowledge and strive to create a warm and secure environment, where students can comfortably practice and learn from their errors.

We actively promote an atmosphere of friendliness and support, where everyone feels at ease during lessons. Understanding that most of our students are on holiday and have invested their valuable time to learn Spanish with us, we encourage our teachers to infuse the classes with both enjoyment and relevance. By incorporating enjoyable elements into the curriculum, we enhance the learning experience, recognizing the significance of our students' commitment.


050021 Medellin
Carrera 37#8-05

Año en que fue fundada la escuela: 2015

Numero máximo de alumnos en la escuela: 50

Pagina web de la escuela: Total Spanish School

Ubicación de la escuela

Medellín, with its population of approximately 3.5 million people, is a city renowned for its friendliness. Nestled amidst picturesque mountains, it offers a wealth of history and culture to immerse yourself in beyond the confines of the classroom. Its manageable size ensures easy navigation, complemented by a remarkable bus network and Colombia's sole metro system.

As part of your school fees, we include a selection of cultural activities and guided walking tours. These experiences serve as an introduction to Medellín, equipping you with the confidence to explore the city independently, alongside classmates, or with newfound friends forged through your language learning journey. By utilizing your newly acquired language skills, you'll have the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and forge lasting memories as you discover the vibrant tapestry of Medellín's offerings.

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