Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language

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Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language Japón/Kyoto

Acerca de esta escuela

A place to learn useful Japanese:

  • a promotion system organized by levels in accordance with learning proficiency
  • educational activities extending beyond the classroom

A place to build a network with people all around the world:

  • exchange with students from countries all around the world
  • exchange with Japanese students
  • exchange with people in the local region

A place to experience Japanese culture, and rediscover culture in person:

  • understanding a variety of cultural aspects through culture experience programs
  • utilizing the educational assets of the Kyoto University of Art and Design and the Kyoto Institute of Design


606-8271 Kyoto
2-116 Uryuyama Kitashirakawa Sakyo-ku

Año en que fue fundada la escuela: 2010

Numero máximo de alumnos en la escuela: 80

Pagina web de la escuela: Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language

Ubicación de la escuela

The school is located facing Shirakawa Street, about 15-minute walk from Ginkakuji Temple and Philosopher's Walk. You can see Mt. Daimonji, one of the five famous mountains in Kyoto, from the school. The Heian Shrine, the Shugakuin Imperial Villa, and Shisen-dō, famous for its tinted autumnal leaves, are also famous spots in the vicinity. Kyoto University is located nearby, and there are in fact so many universities and colleges located in Kyoto that it is known as the city of students.

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