APC Spanish School

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APC Spanish School Nicaragua/Granada

About this language school

APC Spanish School is a Spanish language school for foreigners from all over the world. It was established in Granada, Nicaragua, on 1994 as a project of the organization ‘The Association of Cultural Promoters’ (APC). The school boasts a team of teachers educated and trained in all facets of Spanish grammar, direct and dynamic teaching methods and in effective student/teacher interactions.

Vision We are a school that teaches Spanish to foreigners from all around the world. The school also introduces students to the Nicaraguan people, environment and culture to promote intercultural exchange.

Mission To teach Spanish to foreign students and introduce the culture and traditions of the Nicaraguan people.

General Objective To develop a Spanish language program for people from other countries to contribute to a cultural exchange.


West side of Central Park Granada
Ave Vega

Founded: 1994

Maximum number of students: 30

School website: APC Spanish School

About the location

We are located in the Palace of Culture, “Joaquín Pasos Argüello” in Granada, on the west side of the city’s Central Park. The Palace is a heritage site of neoclassical design with wide corridors and spacious meeting rooms – well designed to provide a cool, comfortable respite for learning.

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