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About this language school

Hellenic Language School


10682 Athens
Rethymnou 2

Founded: 1972

Maximum number of students: 50

School website: "ALEXANDER THE GREAT"

a spot from the greek language lesson
Museum visit
walk in plaka

About the location

The Central school is situated in Athens, the capital of Greece, a city with almost 6.000.000 inhabitants. The School is in the city center, next to the Archaelogical Museum, 50 meters from the park “Pedio tou Areos”, 200 meters from the Underground station and next to many bus and trolleybus terminals. Athens is a charming city, during all seasons and days. The choices for the visitors and our students are many, including visits to Museums and walks at Acropolis and the Ancient Market, as well as going for a coffee or a meal and enjoying themselves in a modern or traditional Greek restaurant or a bar, until the early hours. The School is surrounded by the two most dominant hills of the city: the Acropolis hill – with the Parthenon, a masterpiece of architecture - and Lycabettus hill with the church of St. Georgios on top. There are hundreds of restaurants, bars and cafeterias near the School. The busiest places of Athens, like Plaka, Psiri, Theisio and Kolonaki are accessible on foot. The School’s convenient location gives the opportunity to the students to access easily all the public means of transport and be in the center of city life.

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