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Linguista Sprachaufenhalte Spain/Cadiz

About this language school

For your language trip to Cadiz, you can choose between standard and intensive courses. You can also prepare for the DELE exam or combine your Spanish language course with surf lessons. The exciting and lively port city of Cadiz is located prominently at the end of a long peninsula and is a beautiful place for a language stay in Spain. It is the capital of the province of the same name in southern Andalusia. In the old town, you will find historic buildings that bear witness to Cadiz's eventful past. The square in front of the cathedral is one of the main meeting points, where locals sit in the shade and sip a glass of sherry. In the narrow streets of the old town, you will find numerous quaint pubs and original shops. The tropical-looking botanical garden and, last but not least, the long sandy beaches are recommended for relaxation from learning Spanish.


11380 Cadiz
Av. Fuerza Armadas 1

Founded: 2010

Maximum number of students: 100

School website: Linguista Sprachaufenhalte

About the location

Cadiz, situated on the southwestern coast of Spain, is a captivating city that exudes charm, history, and natural beauty. As one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe, Cadiz boasts a rich heritage and a fascinating blend of cultures. Its historic center, characterized by narrow winding streets and picturesque squares, is a delight to explore. The city's prominent landmarks, such as the iconic Cadiz Cathedral and the Torre Tavira watchtower, offer panoramic views of the surrounding area. Cadiz is also known for its beautiful beaches, where visitors can relax under the warm Mediterranean sun and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. The city is steeped in music and hosts the famous Cadiz Carnival, one of the most vibrant and lively festivals in Spain. With its vibrant atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and welcoming locals, Cadiz offers a memorable experience that showcases the best of Andalusian culture and hospitality.

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